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May Favorites

Posted on May 28 2016

May Favorites

As a small shop owner I make it a goal of mine to also shop small as often as I can. Don’t get me wrong I still love going to target and picking up various things we are needing but any chance I get to support another small shop owner I will take it. Not only are you getting something unique that you can’t find anywhere else but it’s made with some much passion and care. Every item I’ve received from small shops has been incredible quality and top notch customer service. You just don’t find that at the big box stores anymore. And as a bonus most of the small shops we’ve purchased from give back whenever and wherever they can and that is something we can stand behind 100%. I will forever be a supporter of local and small shops because I know the hard work that goes into them. The countless hours, the sleepless nights, time away from your family, the hardships of trying to grow and make it in this small shop community is a big challenge. Every month I wanted to start sharing with you some of my favorite purchases. These items are in no way sponsored by any of these shops and I did pay full price for these items.


  1. Diaper bag by Fawn Design

    This bag is beyond incredible and one of my favorite purchases ever! It is AH-MAZING!! I had been carrying around a backpack because we were kind of out of the diaper bag stage where I didn’t need to carry as much with me now that the twins are 2. But then I realized the stuff I am carrying with me is so much bigger. Toys, clothes, diapers etc… and I need a nice functional bag that I could use and this one does the trick! I wish I would have found this bag when the twins were born because I am so in love with it! It’s so chic and beautiful and perfect for every day use and I take it everywhere with me!

    Instagram: @fawndesign


    1. Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop collection ( 

      This may not technically be a "small shop" purchase but I love Jaclyn and she started out just like the rest of us and worked her way to the top and I love her story. I just started really getting into makeup and getting my face looking better and trying to take care of myself. I have been watching the you tube videos from Jaclyn Hill and I am obsessed with them! I saw she was coming out with her collab with BECCA and I knew I had to have it! I am so glad I purchased this pallet. It’s absolutely beautiful and so easy to use for a makeup amateur like myself. I would highly recommend checking out her new products and watching her videos if you are wanting to learn how to perfect your makeup technique. She’s hilarious and I love her personality in all of her videos.

      Instagram: @jaclynhill


      1. Raise Good Humans Shirt from Wee Structed

        I love Wee Structed and own several of their items. My favorite purchase by far from them is their new rose pink Raise Good Humans shirt. It has to be one of the best fitting long sleeve shirts I now own. It’s got a great fit and it’s crazy comfortable. I wear it several times a week and it’s held up great! I would highly recommend ordering one for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

        Instagram: @weestructed


        1. Mombie brand to go mug from Still Rad

          I absolutely love this brand and this mug! It’s great for a laugh in the morning when I need it the most and the quality is amazing. We have several things from Still Rad and I have absolutely loved every item we have purchased from them. Their mombie tees and tanks are so soft and their walking dad tee is one of my husband’s favorites.

          Instagram: @stillrad

          1. Shorts from June & January

            My kids are so messy and go through outfits multiple times a day! These shorts are amazing!! I ordered 4 pairs for Ella and 4 pairs for Benjamin and they have been our go to shorts for weeks now! They will for sure be our summer favorites as they are extremely comfortable and very easy to clean! The colors are amazing! I love that they are bold and bright and solid in color to match any shirt they have in their closet. And not to mention the price is amazing!! You can’t get quality clothes like this for that price it’s something you can’t pass up!

            Instagram: @juneandjanuary 

            1. Crocs Rain Boots from 

              These were not a small shop purchase but all the same I had to share them! I am so in love with these boots! The twins love that they are bright and colorful. They are lightweight and easy to put on and so easy to clean! They are like a dream come true. I am not going to lie I am not a fan of crocs or at least I wasn’t in the past but these were a game changer. I saw a post on them and thought I’d give them a try and anything that will make my life easier when it’s time to get ready to leave or go outside is a game winner in my book. I highly recommend them and they come in all sorts of bright bold colors (these match some of the June and January shorts from the previous favorite perfectly!)




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