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  • Hair Products We Love

    Mar 11 2019

    Do you dread the days you have to wash and style your hair? I hate how much time it takes so I try to spread those days out as far as pos...

  • Easiest Doughnut Recipe Ever

    Feb 13 2019

    One of my favorite memories as a child was making homemade doughnuts with my dad. Now I make them with my kids and over the years we have...

  • How Reading Gave My Silent Child a Voice

    Mar 15 2017

    When Jericho was born, he had this look about him that made you think he was just going to open his mouth and start talking. He was so st...

  • The Reality of My Child's Rare Disease

    Feb 15 2017

    As a parent, you want nothing more than for your children to be healthy, happy, successful humans. You would do anything and everything i...

  • Taking a Parenting Cheat-Day

    Jan 30 2017

    If you've ever dieted before, you're familiar with the idea of a cheat-day. It's essentially a day out of the week (or whatever time fram...

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