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10 Summer Break Activities

Posted on June 04 2016

10 Summer Break Activities

Summer is here... and the kids are on summer break. Now what? Here are some fun, easy, and cheap ways to keep your kids entertained and happy this summer!

    1. Make sculptures with playdough from Zdough. This playdough is SO much fun and it’s scented! My daughters play with it every day, and it will definitely be on our summer activity rotation!
    2. Create a reading challenge. If you have toddlers, read two books to them per day. If you have elementary aged kids, make a list of books for them to read (1-2 per week). This is also a great solution to non-nappers. Have them lay down in their bed or on the couch every day with a book and call it quiet time!
    3. Make frozen yogurt fruit pops. These healthy pops are so yummy! Your kids will love helping you make them!
    4. Go to a splash park. This is such a fun alternative to water parks. We love water parks, we really do, but they are SO expensive! Splash parks are fun because, not only are they free, but they are specifically for toddlers and kids!
    5. Have a puppet show. Create puppets using paper bags and craft supplies (fun ideas here) and have your kiddos put on a puppet show!
    6. Plan a DIY pizza night. We used to do this all the time growing up! My mom would give each of us our own crust (mini pizza crusts, english muffins, slices of bread, bagels, etc.) and we would pile on our favorite sauces, toppings, cheese, etc! Then my mom would bake it and we would indulge in the best pizza ever!
    7. Make ice cream in a bag. This ice cream is surprisingly delicious and a super entertaining activity for kids of ALL ages! Instructions here.
    8. Make an abstract painting. Showcase those incredible artist skills and have your toddler create a beautiful work of art! And then hang it in the hallway or living room because it will looks like a million bucks! Instructions here.
    9. Go on a day-cation. What is a day-cation, you might ask? We live in Phoenix, AZ. Within a few hours, we have at least 4-5 awesome places to head for the day! We could spend the day in Sedona (1.5 hours away) and go to Slide Rock and explore the beautiful scenery. We could go to Tucson or Prescott or Flagstaff or even the Grand Canyon! No matter where you live, there is sure to be a fun, out-of-town spot within a few hours from home! Day-cations are awesome because you don’t have to spend money on a hotel and (if you work) you only have to take one day off work! Also, packing sucks!
  • Go fishing in your backyard! This is a fun activity that we do often. It is a fun sensory activity and an easy way to keep the kids cool, while playing outside!

  • Have a blast with your children this summer and make it one to remember!

    Xo, Bethanie

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