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embrace your #momisode

Posted on July 04 2016

embrace your #momisode
Anyone else every feel like they are the star of a show? No, not like the glamorous reality show...I mean the type that someone has got to be playing a cruel trick on you because this CAN'T be real life?? [I'm raising my hand so high right now, you don't even know] Basically this is my everyday life! HA! I call it my #momisode, much like an episode of your favorite show, creepily similar but every day holds some new twist that you could have NEVER prepared for, that's motherhood in a nutshell.
My days goes something like this...for those of you who don't know me, I have 3 kiddos, Greleigh who just turned 4, Kaige who is 2, and Huxx is 7 months! They are home with me all day, don't get me wrong I love it, this is my dream job, it's all I ever wanted to be, a wife & mommy but y'all it's hard! Don't ever let anyone tell you, "oh, you JUST stay at home?" JUST is the word there that makes me go a little crazyyy, not like I need any help in that department [refer back to the ages of my children ;) ] Being the star of your own #momisode is HARD, no matter if you're a SAHM or a working mama, it's exhausting!
Okay, okay back to my sidetracked for a minute! My kids are early risers, so about 6:45-7:15 all 3 of them are up and running, and by running I mean demanding! "I want milk please" (gre) "No milk, juice peese" (kaige) "crying baby" and this is on repeat until the above demands are met! Of course, this is then followed by what they want for breakfast, which is always different, some days if I am (or my husband) feeling ambitious we let them choose different things, but most of the time we are overwhelmed with all the morning tasks that we just give everyone the same thing! And during all of this I am struggling to get a pot of coffee made because I have yet to utter a word at this moment until that liquid gold is in my cup, and once it's in my cup it sits there for at least 10-15 minutes because I haven't had a second to grab it, much less enjoy a drink!
So now that the kitchen/dining table looks like a hazard area, we start a morning show so that I can feed Huxx and start to feel human by drinking my coffee, which I've already had to microwave! #thestruggle So after feeding Huxx and some playtime for him, he goes down for a morning nap and this is where I try to get something productive done, like a load of laundry, or clean the kitchen, etc. Some days this happens and some days it doesn't, and on the days it doesn't I sit and enjoy cup of coffee #2-3 while the bigs play pester each other and fight over every toy in the house! Which brings me to my next point, siblings...
Up until now having multiple children wasn't as exhausting as it is now! They know exactly what they want, which happens to be exactly what the other one already claimed in their mind hours ago, which results in an all out brawl (not really) but sometimes it seems like it's heading there quickly! There are moments when they play so well together and my mama heart swells and occasionally I tear up when I see one of them sneak a kiss to the other... Those are the moments where I feel myself really embracing this #momisode. You know those moments of watching your favorite show and thinking -THAT, that is the reason I watch this show- well those are the reasons (among the bad ones, too) I star in this crazy role. We have bad, ugly moments around here, sometimes more than I would like but we also have love, lots of love and that sure outweighs the bad!
Back to the day... so we do lunch around 11:30 or so and up until this move my hubby was able to come home for lunch which was amazing! He was able to give me a few minutes to regroup and break up the day a little bit and now that that's changing I'm gonna have to embrace the chaos even more because he won't be there! :( If you wonder how lunch goes, it's pretty much just like breakfast with a little more sass because it's almost....wait for it, NAPTIME! ♥ (angels singing) There may be a few meltdowns because her grilled cheese was a little too "roast" for her! (No, I didn't burn it) haha! Or maybe a meltdown because Kaige has decided today that his highchair is his worst enemy! You just never know, like I said before everyday is a new challenge! Tomorrow he may love his highchair and now she hates cheese! #gofigure
Now we play a little more and wind down with some relax time on the couch before it's nap time, which is scheduled with all 3 babes going down at the exact same time! I have to have that 60-90 minutes of nothingness! I need to only be responsible for myself and by responsible I mean I don't wanna have to share my oreos & milk with anyone, which is my #jam because I don't like sharing! LOL! If naptime didn't exist I don't know what I would do...I am a firm believer in sleep schedules and sleep training so we don't mess around in that area & it works for us! After naptime, if it's pretty we usually go outside and enjoy a snack or two & some sun! I love sending the bigs outside in the backyard to play so I can get some alone time with Huxx, because he is a pretty needy baby (by far my most needy child). And then we are on the countdown until daddy is home, I may or may not be the only one actually counting down the minutes out loud, in my head! And not mentioned as part of my days are the million potty trips, hiney wipes, diaper changes, spilled drinks, crumbs all over the get it! By now I'm sure you're exhausted just from reading this so thankfully it's almost bath/bedtime! We bathe the bigs together and I usually give Huxx a bath in the kitchen sink because he's not ready for the wave pool in which his siblings create! We get everyone in pjs and it's time for bed! Huxx and Kaige go to bed at 6:45-7 and Gre gets to stay up until around 8! Then the real struggle of my day starts...stay awake and soak up the silence or go to bed in preparation for the same new chaotic day! We usually do half and half, some days we are asleep by 9 and then others we don't get in bed until 10:30 or so!
My point of sharing this was to encourage moms and anyone reading this to embrace your chaos! Everyone says "you'll miss this" and although there are days I'm certain those people are crazy, I know they say it for a reason! There will be days where my house is spotless, it's silent, no one is asking me for anything, or climbing all over me and I'm certain I will miss this! So for now, I am learning each day to embrace this crazy #momisode that I'm living in and the star (I use that term loosely haha) of because I know they need me, they need my guidance and discipline. They need me to have silly dance parties with them and love them hard, so that's what I will do! No one said being a mom was always glamorous, but my new idea of glamorous is having babies who think I'm the best, no matter what!
-Bailey Castleberry, Everyday with Bay Blog


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