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Hair Products We Love

Posted on March 11 2019

Hair Products We Love

Do you dread the days you have to wash and style your hair? I hate how much time it takes so I try to spread those days out as far as possible. I am not an expert or a hair stylist but I have tried several different products over the years. These are my ride or die hair products that get used daily. I have thick curly hair and finding the right products is essential to my hair routine. It's nice to be able to go longer between washes and still have lots of volume and curls that last. 

1. 1907 Paddle Brush -- I absolutely love this brush! It's great for even the most unruly hair! The bristles are far apart so you can brush out curls for a wavy/messy style and it's great for drying to add extra volume by using the brush to lift at the root when blow drying. 

2. Living Proof Dry Volume Blast - I use this almost daily. I use it almost like a hair spray at my roots to give me some extra volume after I've styled my hair. 

3. Living Proof Dry Shampoo - This stuff is amazing! I've never found a dry shampoo that compares to this one. It gives your hair a clean look without being overly dried out and it doesn't leave a weird residue behind. 

4. Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer - This is one I don't leave home without! I generally use this on day 2+ of my curls and it creates an instant finished look that brings some life back to your curls. 

5. Invisi Bobble Hair Scrunchie - These little srunchies are amazing! They won't hurt your head or leave kinks in your hair like a normal hair tie. They offer different color options and are super cute to throw your hair up in a top knot. I will usually put some dry shampoo on my roots and pull it up on top of my head before bed at night to add some extra volume for the next day. 

6. Moroccan Oil Root Pump - Use this after you've washed your hair and before you dry it. Spray it on your roots like a moose for added volume when drying. 

7. Hot Tools Curling Iron 1" - I've always had a hard time finding styling tools that get hot enough for my thick curly hair. This curling iron is amazing! It has different settings on it and can get hot enough to curl my hair the way I want it. It's great for a loose/wavy curl. 

 Have products that you can't live without? Share them with us below, we love trying out new things!


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