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For the Love of Lipstick (a Product Review)

Posted on October 19 2016

For the Love of Lipstick (a Product Review)

I've been on a huge lipstick kick lately. I've been trying a new brand or new shade at least once a week (let's be honest, usually more than that) and, while I have found some awesome ones, I've struck out quite a few times. There are so many options out there, not only brands and colors, but consistency and application as well. There's your classic lipstick, then you have the lip crayon, lip stain, lip gloss, lip paint, and so on. If you're anything like me, it can all be a little overwhelming. Even though at least half of the products I've tried recently have ended up on my dud list, I have one gem that I want to share with you guys. When you find something awesome, always share. 

I'm not very particular about my brands, however I do prefer solid products like crayons and sticks to paints and glosses. I've been on the hunt of a good matte red and found it in the Maybelline Color Blur Matte Lip Pencil selection. Originally, I tried the number 30 Partner in Crimson color, which was what got me hooked. Since then, I've tried the shade both darker and lighter and ended up falling head over heels for the lighter 25 Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. I have extremely fair skin and dark hair so, at the risk of sounding conceded, reds compliment me well. Here's what Partner in Crimson looks like on me:

Not only is the color phenomenal, you have to choice of going full on bold or blurring it to give your lips a sort of ombre look. I'm all about the full color, bold look so I can't give you much in the way of feedback as to the blurring effect, but man oh man do I love this product. Application is super easy and the color lasts throughout the day. I'll put it on around 9 in the morning and get at least 12 hours of wear. The only negative thing I will say is that you leave color on whatever your lips touch. I blot after applying it and my kids end up covered in kiss-s lip marks by bed time. 

I'm still on the quest for the ultimate matte, but this pencil definitely comes close to perfection. I'll be checking in periodically with my findings in the wonderful world of lip color as my journey continues. For now, take a little me-time and go grab yourself a shade (or two) to try! 

-Maddie Rose

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