By Julianna Lowe
Just want to warn you this is going to be one of those sappy posts. Lately I keep getting this overwhelming feeling of just how much I love the tiny human I created and I don’t know what it is lately that makes that feeling creep up.


Maybe it’s the fact that he has his own true personality now and it is an amazing one.

Maybe it’s the fact that he says I love you back now.

Maybe it’s just because I see how much better he makes our lives. 

I find myself wanting to cuddle him all night and during nap time and my husband is constantly telling me that I give him a lot (maybe too many, but let’s be honest, that could never happen) of hugs and kisses. I would spend all my energy all day making him laugh and smile. But, don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t get everything he wants and he gets told no when he is pushing his boundaries. I knew motherhood would be an incredible experience but I didn’t have any idea it would make me forget what life was like before we had L because it just can’t compare.

Whenever he runs down the hallway after the dogs laughing harder than I knew he could, or comes to me and wants up, or calls mom from across the room my heart just explodes. He is such a perfect combination of our personalities and I see so much of us in him already that I am excited to see how he continues to grow into his own person in the years to come.

Fellow mama’s – What is something your kids do that just melts your heart or make you realize “yep, that’s my kid”?

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