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I'm "Just A Mom"

Posted on August 25 2016

I'm "Just A Mom"
By Katie Brown

I'm Just A Mom

I am just a mom.

I didn’t finish college.

I put my career on hold to be home more.

I got married at 21. Pregnant by 22.

I haven’t seen the world.

I’ve never even lived by myself.

But I am accomplished. And I want my son to know, that I have nothing to be ashamed of. There’s nothing I wish for  more than I wished for him. I have no regrets.


If I never go back to school

If I never travel the world

If I never advance in my career

If I change diapers everyday for the rest of my life

If I spend the next 15 years driving you to baseball games, birthday parties, and play dates

If I never lose the last 5 lbs of baby weight

I am complete. I am happy. I accomplished everything I wanted to in life, because I had you.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have goals and aspirations. I hope one day your father and I travel. I hope one day to do what I love to do and have a successful career. I hope to go back to school.

But if I don’t. If for whatever reason those things don’t happen for me. Know this, the joy of being your mother is all I’ll ever need. You and any future siblings we may give you, are my biggest accomplishment.

You are the best thing I ever did.

If being your mother is the only thing I ever “amount” to, know that I am the happiest, most fulfilled woman on the Earth. I truly know joy. Because I have you.

If “just a mom” is all I ever am, I’ll take it. As long as I’m your mom.

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  • Tana: August 26, 2016

    I am 67 and I did the same as you are doing. You sure put in words the way I feel about raising my son and daughter! Such a beautiful way to put in words about being a mother. Thanks from a now “grandmother” of six beautiful grandchildren. It is just as gratifying as my own two!

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