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Keep Them Wild: 5 Benefits that Come with Having a Wild Child

Posted on August 03 2016

Keep Them Wild: 5 Benefits that Come with Having a Wild Child
"Oh she's a wild one!" This is one of the most common things I hear when people are meeting my daughter for the first time. It doesn't surprise me, she is wild, but what does surprise me is that some people say it in a negative tone. I love having a wild child, as exhausting as it can be some days, I do love it and I really hope that she stays that way.
It is all about embracing our kids and letting them feel free to be who they are. Let's not tone down the wild child but look at the benefits that come with having a wild one. If you are anything like me, you love the wild ambitious personality and you never want to see it go.

5 Benefits that Come with Having a Wild Child

1. Confidence: Showing and displaying confidence at a young age is huge! It is a quality that all wild children have as they are confident in being themselves, exploring and discovering new things. We we build our children up and encourage their behaviour their confidence will continue to grow.
2. Exercise: I had a number of people comment on how great I looked this past pregnancy, I didn't owe it to healthy eating (pregnancy cravings were sweets), I gave all the credit to my wild child. They keep you on your toes and keep you active that is for sure. As tiring as it gets some days, I love that I can't just sit around all day, she is constantly wanting to get out and about and my body/health is thankful.
3. Imagination: You can constantly see the wheels turning and the new ideas developing. Wild children have a way of creating and developing new ideas that is so entertaining and rewarding to watch.
4. Entertaining: Are you ever bored when your wild child is around? There is so much that they are constantly learning as well as teaching us that makes it super entertaining everyday to be around.
5. Less Screen Time: For me mine doesn't ever like sitting still for the duration or a movie, she often gets bored and wants to start playing with something else, this one took me a while to see as a positive as I used to just long for a bit of a break, but in all honestly it is pretty great to have a child that would rather be out imagining and exploring then watching something on a screen.
So the next time someone makes a comment about your Wild Child in a negative way, think about these benefits (and I am sure there are many more) and share with them just how awesome it is to have a wild one of your own.

We'd love to hear from you and what other benefits you can think of that come along with having a wild child, share in the comments below.

Hello, my name is Codi Lynn and I am the life and style blogger behind Creative Wife and Joyful Worker. It has been such a pleasure to guest post for The Blue Envelope today I hope you enjoyed it too! I would love it if you came and stopped by the blog and got to know me a little better, I share mainly about motherhood, fashion and DIY activities with a splash of small business love and recipes.
Outfit Details: Headband by Tiptoe Meadow | W is for Wild Tee by The Blue Envelope | Woodland Leggings by KEWE Clothing | Shoes by Native Shoes Photography: Erica Miller Photography

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  • Codi Lynn: August 04, 2016

    Thanks so much for having me share, we love our wild child as well as the awesome t-shirt that you make that totally matches her spirit!

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