Letter To The Mom Who Does It All

Posted on August 16 2016

By Shannan Panganiban

Dear Mom That Does It All,

I know right now you’re thinking, “that’s not me” but it is. It’s you. I know that as the days go by and your to-do list never gets any shorter you may not think you’re truly accomplishing it all. But you are. I know that as you sit down at the end of the night after (finally!) getting the kids to bed and debating on whether to do the dishes or take a shower (or throw out all those ideas and get a few hours of rest) that you don’t feel like a supermom. But you are.

As a mother, you have given the ultimate gift. Life. And whether or not you feel like you have met the world’s expectations, you have exceeded them.

To the mom who hasn’t needed an alarm clock in years because her kids are up at the crack of dawn.

To the mom who’s meals have been cold for months because she happily feeds everyone else before herself.

To the mom who no longer cares about getting the next best thing for herself, because seeing the smile on her child’s face when they get a new gift is a much better feeling.

To the mom who stays home with her babies and selflessly teaches and encourages them to become all they can be.

To the mom who heads out the door to work each morning to provide for her growing family while missing her kiddos at home.

To the mom who looks at her husband with so much love and gratitude for making her a mommy to these beautiful kids.

To the mom who does it all again, over and over each day, because her heart now lives outside of her body.

To THOSE moms. To you! You are doing it all. Whether you did your hair today or not. Whether you finished that last load of laundry or not. Whether you cooked the best organic meal or took a family trip to the drive thru for dinner. I want to encourage you that what you are doing matters. Your kids are going to grow up to be amazing people BECAUSE of the time you are investing in them now. YOU are doing it all & mama, you’re doing it well!

The Blue Envelope - MAMA tee - A letter to the mom who does it all

This post was inspired by this beautiful MAMA tee from The Blue Envelope. The letters are strategically compiled with words that describe all that a mommy is… A Supporter… Role Model… Caring… Wonder Woman… This is such a beautiful reminder that we ARE all these things. Whether you feel it each day or not, your kids appreciate you for YOU and that makes you a hero!!


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