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Making Date-Nights Consistent Without Breaking the Bank

Posted on October 21 2016

Making Date-Nights Consistent Without Breaking the Bank

The elusive date night. So rare. So majestic. So needed. It doesn't matter how long you've been married, it is such a vital thing to continue to date your spouse. But how can you make date night a consistent thing without shelling out oodles of dough? I mean, between the babysitter and the cost of the actual date, making it a steady thing can really add up. While doing a more costly activity, like going to a concert or eating at a five star restaurant, is absolutely a treat, for most people it's unrealistic to plan each date night so extravagantly. And it's not necessary to go to such lengths to have a great date night. Here are a handful of ideas that will help cut back on the cost of your date nights and help make it feasible to get out more.

Trade babysitting duties with friends that have kids. Ask some of your friends that have children if they'd like to switch every other week (or whatever arrangement works best for your schedules) to watch each other's kids. Not only does it allow both you and your friends the opportunity to get out kid-free, it also cuts out the cost of a sitter. 

Go out for dessert. While I do love a good dinner, dessert has always been the highlight for me. I would way rather eat at home with my family and then sneak out with the hubs for something sweet. Let's face it, dessert has always been the more romantic course, and it's made even more romantic when you don't have a chocolate-covered toddler crying and eating yours because he actually doesn't like the one he insisted on ordering. Even if you go to a fancier place, you'll most likely keep it under $20, and you can burn off the sugar by walking around together, hand in hand.

Cook together. I love to cook. My husband loves to watch Master Chef. Even though he doesn't know his way around the kitchen very well, it's still fun to have him in there helping me. Plan out something a little more elegant than you may normally make and cook it together. This is a great opportunity to get a little playful, and since you're in the comforts of your own home, you can kick up the PDA more than you might in an actual public setting.

Stargaze. Cliche? Yes, but it's a cliche for a reason. I'm from the foothills of Northern California, so I have a very deep love of clear night skies littered in stars. My husband grew up in the city, so starry nights are a rare treat for him. We have enough of a mutual appreciation for just laying outside and looking up at the universe that this is something we both enjoy. It's a great time to just be still and soak in the moment and the person you're sharing it with. The stillness and the beauty opens up the opportunity for some great conversations too

These may not all appeal to you and your significant other, but hopefully reading this will get some creative juices flowing so you can come up with some fun, inexpensive ideas of your own. Pinterest usually has some pretty good creative ideas for date nights as well, so poke around online and find some fun things to get you both out of the house. Spending quality time together is so important for any couple. Too often we allow our spouse and/or ourselves to be neglected to care for the kids. Your relationship matters just as much, so get out there and get your date night on!

-Maddie Rose


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