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Posted on September 19 2016


By: Christina Patricio

As mothers, our job never ends.

Yes, it is a job and don't let anyone tell you it isn't.  We have so many titles; we are a chef, maid, cheerleader, hairstylist, driver, teacher, nurse, counselor, toy repair expert, art director, potty trainer, lifeguard, personal shopper, play date coordinator, speech specialist, vacation coordinator and tour guide, and so much more.  We are on our feet all day taking care of tiny humans and sometimes even at night we are STILL up rocking, feeding, singing, doing God knows what and taking care of those tiny humans we prayed and dreamed of having.  There are times we are constantly exhausted, losing our minds, and wondering if we are doing this whole motherhood thing right.  Sometimes at night when I finally lay my head on my pillow and after I have prayed for my babies I wonder... did I teach them enough today, did I interact with them enough, did I tell them that I loved them enough?  Even though these questions run through my mind, deep down I know that I am doing the best job I can possibly do.  I put all of their needs and wants ahead of my own each day and my goal is that at bed time they are happy and have had a great day.  Moms don't get vacation days, sick days, or raises, but when you see those smiles it is all worth it.  We have the toughest job, but it is also the most rewarding!

I believe every mom needs this tank because we work so hard and it really is all day everyday!  My tank is by Lovestruckbytwo and they can be found on IG and EtsyLovestruckbytwo makes tees, tanks, clothing for our little babes, and so much more!  


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