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Preparing For A New School Year (and 15 books for preschool!)

Posted on August 09 2016

Preparing For A New School Year (and 15 books for preschool!)
Carter starts a new year of preschool in the next couple weeks. I am seriously crying as I type this.  We have had so much fun this summer.  I try to do one fun activity a day with the kids.  We have been to Bravo Farms, the zoo several times, Skywalk way too many times to count, several events at different public libraries, the water slides, the movies, lots of play dates, and so much more. I mean, can you see me on the first day of kindergarten when he has to go all day everyday?! I will be the one clinging to Carter's leg. I am that helicopter mama that never leaves him, wants to teach him everything, and keep him safe for seriously like his entire life. Sometimes I think to myself that if I don't teach him to wipe his own bottom he will always need me around, but then I know his teachers will hate me, but yes I honestly think this way.  Anyways, I have been trying to prepare Carter and myself for back to school, so I decorated the bar cart for back to school and have bought several books that are related to starting school, sharing, making friends, and being kind. We discuss the books after we read them. I wanted to share the books with all of you. We have been doing really good, reading a new book each day and then discussing it. Today we read Llama Llama Misses Mama and by the end of the book we were both clinging to each other and crying. We have a very very special bond and this is going to be so hard again. It is a good book though. The llama starts preschool, mama llama can't stay, little llama learns to play and enjoy preschool, and then mama returns at the end of the day to pick him up! Good luck to all you mamas out there sending your kids off to school for the first time or back again for another year. Please share with me if you have any great books that are related to starting school.

Carter's shirt is from The Blue Envelope

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  • Bethanie Garcia: August 09, 2016

    Such a great list!!

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