Sprinkled Donut Bagels!

Posted on July 11 2016

By Jenna Wodiske

sprinkled donut bagels

Move over donuts... bagels are taking over!

My daughters ask for pink frosted sprinkled donuts just about every morning... welcome to my world. My three year old literally has donuts on her brain constantly, and most days I can't blame her! Running out for donuts EVERY morning is just NOT going to happen... I knew I had to do something about it, so I came up with a more practical and healthy solution. Let me introduce you to my Pink Sprinkled Donut-BAGEL! This sweet recipe is so easy to make and all of the ingredients are easy to keep on hand. Next time your little one requests a donut, surprise them with this donut-bagel!

sprinkled donut bagels

Sprinkled Donut-Bagels


-Plain Bagels (regular size or mini)
-Strawberry Cream Cheese (or any flavor you prefer)
-A container of sprinkles
sprinkled donut bagels


Separate your bagel into two halves. Since my daughters are young, I prefer to use the mini bagels to ensure that they will finish the whole thing. You can toast the bagel as well.

sprinkled donut bagels


Spread an even layer of cream cheese on both sides of the bagel. The strawberry cream cheese flavor adds a sweet taste and of course the pink color.

sprinkled donut bagels


Sprinkle with SPRINKLES and you are done!

sprinkled donut bagels
sprinkled donut bagels


The outcome is adorable... and tasty! I haven't met a little one that doesn't love this recipe! :)

sprinkled donut bagels

sprinkled donut bagels sprinkled donut bagels sprinkled donut bagels

This easy recipe is a great way to dress up a bagel so that your picky little eater will enjoy it. Also, it is a fun breakfast dish to make with your little ones help; half of the fun is making it! OR... if you are looking for a yummy and good looking breakfast item to serve at a brunch or donut-themed party, this is it.

Sprinkle your little one with yumminess! I hope you enjoy this sweet treat!


sprinkled donut bagels

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